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Thinking Positive

What is Thinking Positive?

Our lottery funded project is aimed at supporting people as much as we can through these difficult times.

Our staff are here to support you, inform you and help you deal with any problems you may face during the pandemic and beyond, by providing:

What we will offer

One-to-one and group training sessions (via videoconferencing or phone) on subject areas such as:

  • Employability, all areas of employment, job search and education
  • Health advice on Covid-19
  • Health and well-being, mental health support relating to (but not restricted to), Anxiety, Depression, and the mental well-being of Adults, children, and young adults
  • Domestic abuse or, any other forms of abuse including prejudice or intolerance.
  • Home schooling
  • Use of online platforms to communicate safely with others
  • Support for those Individuals who have been impacted directly or indirectly by COVID 19

Who can access our services?

Everyone living or working in West Yorkshire is welcome to access this service if they have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic or if they just want information, advice and any support.

We are aware that a lot of people from minority ethnic communities find it more difficult to ask questions or find information and support, so we are very keen to speak to them!

How to contact us:

Email us on:

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