Careers Service for Adults 

Empowering Your Career Journey with EASA's Comprehensive IAG Services for Adults 

At EASA, we are committed to delivering an exceptional Information, Advice & Guidance service to adults aged 19 and above, entirely free of charge.


Our highly experienced and qualified staff are here to empower you to make informed life choices and progress in your learning and career journey.


Here's how we can assist you:


  • Enhance your digital skills for online job applications and job search.
  • Prepare you thoroughly for job interviews.
  • Assist you in searching and applying for jobs.
  • Boost your confidence in a work-related environment.
  • Provide valuable insights into the labour market and the skills employers are seeking.
  • Help you access local apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Explore various training and career prospects.
  • Learn new skills to stay ahead in your field.
  • Master the art of marketing yourself and your skills effectively.
  • Create a professional CV that stands out to potential employers.


Ready to take charge of your career path? Let us guide you towards success in your learning and employment endeavours!

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