Digital Skills Workshop  

Empower Yourself with EASA's Digital Skills Workshop

For over five years, EASA has proudly been a cornerstone of the esteemed UK Online Network, recognised for our unwavering dedication and expertise. Our commitment to digital empowerment shines through in our receipt of the distinguished Expert By Experience recognition from UK Online Centres.


At EASA, we are deeply committed to empowering adult learners to enhance their digital skills through our comprehensive online platform, Learn My Way. Dive into a diverse array of free courses carefully curated to equip you with the essential digital skills needed to navigate today's interconnected world with confidence and proficiency.


But that is not all. Explore the wealth of resources available on Make It Click, an invaluable hub offering free courses, tools, and templates. Whether you are aiming to master new applications, refine existing skills, or take a bold step forward in your professional journey, Make It Click provides the support you need to succeed.

Join us at EASA's Digital Skills Workshop and unlock boundless opportunities for growth and success in the dynamic digital landscape!

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